Three Pines Tack

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Pricing, Terms and Conditions, and Other Information


  • The pricing of my tack items varies, based on complexity and what exactly the customer would like. I have set a minimum base price for items, and then the pricing differs based on customer input.

Traditional Western Saddle Sets:
Comes with a saddle, bridle, breastcollar, simple saddle pad, and rear cinch (if applicable to saddle type)
  • Base Price: $150 + shipping
  • Examples of add-ons: dye, tooling, silver accents, adjustable stirrups 

  • Base Price: $30 + shipping
  • Examples of add-ons: dye, braided closed-loop reins, knotted browband, "bling" or silver accents

Rope Halters:
Includes a halter and matching lead rope
  • $8 + shipping
  • Inquire on Facebook, this website using the 'Contact' page, or my Etsy store: here

Bronc Rope Halters:
Includes a halter and matching lead rope with your choice of noseband design
  • Glitter Inlay: $20 + shipping
  • Tooling: $20 + shipping

Leather Name Plate Halters:

  • $40 per halter + shipping
  • Available Leather Colors: dark brown, black, natural, or saddle tan
  • Name plates can be added to both sides of the halter, or just one side

Terms and Conditions


  • If you are not able to pay in full up front, a 50% deposit is required before I will start your saddle set or bridle. This allows me to have funds up front to purchase any additional materials for your project. Examples include: fancy bits, silver corner plates, conchos, or other additional materials. 
  • Time Payments: While I prefer to be paid in full, I do understand that is not always possible. Therefore, I accept time payments, and we can set up a payment schedule while discussing your commission. 
  • No more than two payments will be accepted for balances under $100.
  • Failure to observe the payment schedule may result in order cancellation:
    • After missing two payment dates, you will forfeit your commission.

Accepted payment options: PayPal, Money Order, or Cashier's Check.

Please note that all payments are non-refundable.

Time Frame

  • I put a lot of effort and time into each piece I make, to ensure the quality matches up to my own high standards. I usually give myself a minimum two weeks to complete a bridle, and a minimum of six weeks to complete a saddle set. Timing may vary of course.


  • I am able to make tack for Traditional and Classic-sized model horses. Please be specific when ordering, as I like to have a rough idea as to which model(s) will be wearing the tack. This helps me plan the pieces accordingly, to make sure everything will fit properly.
  • I do try to make everything as adjustable as possible, so that my tack items have the potential to be worn by numerous horses.

Order Cancellation

Should you need to cancel your order, please let me know as soon as possible.
  • Orders canceled within 24 hours of initial payment will receive a 100% refund of payment.
  • Orders canceled after one week (7 days) of initial payment are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the total payment.
  • Orders canceled after two weeks (14 days) of initial payment will receive no refund.


  • I offer repairs on tack, and would prefer to repair tack made by me should a repair need to be made. Please contact me if you are in need of tack repairs!


  • Heat, humidity, cold, and sunlight can all potentially damage your tack, as well as your horse. I do not recommended storing tack items on the horse, especially in areas of direct sunlight, extreme heat, cold, or humidity, or rapid temperature change.
  • Remember to use care when tacking up your horse. While I do make my tack to be durable, the items are still on a miniature scale and can be broken. Many tack items also have metal pieces, so be sure to pay attention to the metal parts so they do not scratch your horse.
  • I am not responsible for any damage done to your models.
By agreeing to a commission from me, you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions outlined on this page, and you acknowledge your understanding and agreement to all of these terms and conditions.